The Educational Foundation of America (EFA) is a family foundation established in 1959 to preserve the lifelong altruistic commitment of its founders, Richard Prentice Ettinger and his wife, Elsie P. Ettinger.

Today, descendants of the founder in generations three and four lead the Foundation. Together, they direct efforts to fund nonprofits working on efforts related to Creative Placemaking,  ClimateDemocracy, and Reproductive Health and Justice. The Foundation’s next generation committee (our Adjunct Committee) has recently undertaken a grantmaking program focused on Food Security. Much of our grantmaking focuses on the Appalachian region of the United States, as well as the South and the Pacific Northwest. Outside of this, the Foundation makes modest discretionary grants by invitation only. 

Our grants are typically for general operating support and for more than one year. EFA believes in building the capacity of our partners and will support efforts to do so. As active responsible investors, EFA is also committed to activating our endowment to align with our grantmaking goals.