EFA’s Reproductive Health & Justice Program supports state-based organizations that use civic engagement, litigation, communications, and advocacy efforts to improve access to abortion and contraception. Our current geographic focus is on Appalachia and Florida. Taking a broader view, EFA also invests in organizations that work to help ensure access to reproductive healthcare nationally.

Additionally, in partnership with our funder colleagues, EFA catalyzed the creation of the Reproductive Healthcare Investors Alliance, which utilizes shareholder engagement and other impact investing tools to help ensure access to care. This nascent effort is an exciting one and builds on the Foundation’s commitment to aligning our investments with our grantmaking goals.

We are proud to showcase the work of our grantees here.


People in the Appalachian region of the United States face significant barriers to accessing reproductive healthcare. Kentucky and West Virginia each have only one abortion provider. Many people in these states are forced to rely on less effective methods of contraception because their local health centers do not provide a full range of options.

To address these challenges, EFA supports organizations that leverage the power of local voices and experiences, fact-based journalism, organizing infrastructure, advocacy efforts, litigation, abortion funds, and communications.

Organizations we are supporting:


EFA’s Reproductive Health & Justice program has invested in Florida over many years, supporting grantee-partners in litigation, advocacy, direct services, and civic engagement. There grantmaking strategies have helped Florida remain a safe haven of abortion care – for those who live within Florida and for those from adjoining states. At this juncture our strategy in the state is evolving. In the meantime, the Foundation has prioritized the Central Appalachian Region for its reproductive healthcare grants.

Organizations we are supporting:

Supporting the Medical Profession
and Helping People Afford Care

EFA supports efforts to protect doctors and other medical professionals who perform abortions, so they remain safe while providing excellent and compassionate care. EFA also supports national efforts to ensure that people can both access and afford reproductive healthcare.

Organizations we are supporting:

Corporate Accountability

Building on our success in shifting corporate behavior around the environment, EFA is spearheading the development of impact investing strategies that support reproductive rights. Corporate accountability is a cornerstone of that work as shareholder engagement efforts can help ensure that companies based in the United States preserve and protect access to reproductive healthcare for their employees.

Organizations we are supporting:

Litigation and Advocacy

EFA supports organizations that challenge anti-abortion laws in state and federal court.

We support:

Emerging and Innovative Work

We support organizations that are developing new strategies to change policies for better access to abortion and contraceptive care.

Organizations we are supporting: